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 Welcome to ICA Online

ICA Online (International Contractors Association) is a professional association that offers a variety of online career tools for private contractors working in conflict and post-conflict areas. ICA caters for individuals working in close protection, PSD, IT and technical support, logistics, medics, mechanical, administration and other services. Recruiters and companies can benefit from our ICA Online hiring solutions which will help you save time, reduce costs and improve your contact to suitable candidates worldwide.


We source vacancies in Iraq, Afghanistan and other hot spots (warzones) globally.  This week, on 10-07-2014, we posted 15 new security related jobs and 9 other vacancies. Jobs are available for all nationalities unless specified. New vacancies are added weekly, and all vacancies beyond its deadlines are removed automatically by the system.

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Apply for these new jobs (see in Job Search):


ADMINISTRATOR (M/F) for Turkey     
Close Protection / PSD
Close Protection Team Leader/Medic - Iraq
Close Protection Officer - Dubai
Female (Priority) & Male VIP Protection Specialists South Africa
Close Protection / PSD Mentor Iraq (US citizen)

Security Manager, Iraq
Logistics & security Manager - Iraq
Camp Management Project Coordinator, Tripoli - Lebanon
Field Coordinator Lebanon
Senior Protection and Advocacy Manager Iraq
Emergency Program Manager Turkey

Team Medic Liberia     
Office & Support
Field Site Coordinator- Jordan
General call for Emergency Specialists – South Sudan
Head Of Office, Central African Republic
Emergency Field Coordinator, Koch South Sudan
Emergency Field Coordinator, Nyal South Sudan
Police / Military Training
OCONUS Tactical Instructor Jordan
Senior Military Operations Trainer Democratic Republic of Congo
OCONUS Tactical Instructor Uganda
Static / Venue Security
Protective Services Consultant Opportunities - Somalia
Assistant Head Security Qatar
Head of Security Services UAE
Security Officer UAE 
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ICA offers career tools to help you find a job overseas, and many other job-related services and information. Registration is totally free! And newly registered members, who complete their online profile fully, will receive 10 credits for FREE. Click here for our easy membership options (only $6 for monthly recurring) and immediate access to our Job Search. Looking for employees? ICA provides very affordable tools to speed-up online job advertising and easy to use resume management solutions. It is quick and cost-effective. Click here to go to hiring solutions. For online recruitment globally that works! Let ICA Online simplify your work and save you valuable time.
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