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Civilian security contractors want you

If you have any military experience, or any skills related to the military industry, there might be a lucrative career waiting for you in this field. Civilian security contractors are companies that provide specialised expertise or services of a military nature. Internationally, the most well-known companies of this nature would be those that work in close contact with the US military and the UN. Job opportunities would thus be available wherever US bases are found or where UN peacekeeping operations are underway.

Job opportunities within this field include those that one would usually find in governmental military or police force, although usually not on such a large scale. Personnel with specialised operational and tactical skills are recruited for a wide variety of positions across the globe. These could range from basic security positions, to the management of such a team. US governmental officials often make use of professional bodyguards in sensitive areas where the presence of the official military will be unwelcome. Individuals specialising in other fields are also required, including those with K9 skills and explosive ordnance disposal experts.

As a rule, these are usually very high paying jobs – certainly more than one would receive performing these jobs locally. The reason for this is because of the requirement of a highly specialised skill usually in a remote location, or at least an international placement away from home. Also, the need for this service would usually be in an area where unrests are not uncommon. Although it is not limited to wartime, very often the location is considered a dangerzone.

There are many of these security companies contracting individuals, although some of them might be operating with questionable ethics. This could potentially lead to a clash of interests or situations that might venture into the grey area of the law, and should thus be avoided as far as possible.

So how do you know which contractor is safe? Be sure to apply for jobs through an association with a recommendable track record, such as International Contractors Association. Visit to view vacancies posted by various civilian security contractors that operate within approved standards.

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